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" onclick="return hs.expand(this, galleryOptions)">what clients say We are sugar cane farmers based in Gingendlovu on the north coast approximately 40kms south of Richards bay. Over the past 2 years we have been upgrading our battered old implement range with some more modern technology. Having recently taken over the running of the farm from the old man I felt the first change needed to be increasing production and decreasing downtime. 

We very hesitantly decided to go view the Rogue Agricultural implement range in Pietermaritzburg KZN. After constantly seeing the Agri sales advert we expected another fly by night Chinese import and assembly plant. We were very pleasantly surprised to find a large and fully equipped manufacturing plant with extremely impressive well engineered products to suite our typical SA conditions.

The first of our purchases was a 3 Tine V-formation ripper very much along the standards of the renowned GC Big Ox. After a few months passed it was time to replace our Offset Harrow. We cringed at the thought of what it was going to cost to replace. After some shopping around I gave Stuart at Rogue a call to see what he could offer. The service we received was unbelievable. The unit was delivered to our farm field ready the following day at a very reasonable rate and was in the field a few hours later. After about 3 weeks we realized that we had made a mistake by only going with a 16 Disk as the New Holland 60 series was capable of a lot more. I gave Stuart a call out of curiosity to once again be treated as if I was one of his best mates.

They offered a solution that both saved our pocket and fixed our problem. A truck arrived 2 days later off loaded a 20 disc off set harrow, picked up the 16 disc harrow and once again we were in the field within an hour.  The machine makes a fantastic seed bed as it has fully adjustable gangs for best suited aggression. After these few experiences we now just call and order and have recently upgraded our 3 tine ripper to a 5 and also purchased the most amazing 3 point linkage grader I have ever come across.

The rogue Agricultural range has impressed us hands down and with the service to match we definitely won’t be buying anywhere else soon. 

Thanks for an awesome friendship, amazing service and fantastic product.

Yours faithfully 
Guy VanderVyver

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